Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham interview & Nitro Circus at the O2


Rogue Mag - Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham interview & Nitro Circus at the O2

What’s the scariest part of Nitro Circus for you?

Probably the scariest moment is when they’re like ok and “Wheelz Go!” I mean just being at the top of that ramp and the whole crowd starts chanting ” Wheelz”, it’s amazing and such a good energy and it helps to motivate me to jump the ramp, I love it.

Now you’ve been doing it a while and you’ve mastered a lot of things now, what’s your favourite trick?

I mean just single backflips feel really good, kind of like a rollercoaster, I really like doing those and actually one of my other favourite things is grinding, I feel like a skateboarder or something it just feels gnarly!

Who were your heroes when you were growing up?

Chad Kagey, one of the BMX’ers in our show, Jamie Bestwick and Travis Pastrana, I was just watching them on TV when I was a little kid, I looked up to them like “those guys are rock stars”. I really admired and wanted to be just like them when I was older, but I never thought my wheelchair would get me to go hang out with them.

What 3 things should your fans know about you?

Uh oh? That’s hard one. I don’t like heights, I’m not a fan at all, that’s a hard question.

Actually me and my friend build my wheelchair ourselves; I weld it together, so when it breaks I know who to yell at. I think UK girls are cute!

Read the full interview with Wheelz here http://win.gs/15N6ViM

Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Crew are heading back to London’s O2 Arena to break a world record: the greatest number of simultaneous motorbike backflips.

February 28 marks when the Nitro Circus team will attempt the world record, which will be beamed live and exclusively to cinemas around the world right from the O2, ahead of a showing of the team’s death-defying film, Nitro Circus: The Movie in 3D.

The record attempt is the perfect introduction to the film, which showcases the Circus’ most insane stunts on rally cars, dirt bikes, monster trucks, and anything the guys can get their hands on, all in full three-dimensional glory.


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