Alan Stokes wins Quiksilver Expression Session at Bundoran, Ireland


Rogue Mag Surf Quiksilver Expression Sessions ASP Alan Stokes
Alan Stokes / Quiksilver Expression Sessions / ASP

Alan stokes (Newquay, GBR) 30, won the Quiksilver Expression Session an ASP Europ sanctioned speciality event pulling off a massive air-reverse to claim the 3,500 Euro first prize in peaky 3-4ft (1m) waves at Tullan Stand beach Bundoran.

The comp saw the best surfers or Ireland and the UK go head to head in a simple ‘best move wins’ format. With a 5,000 Euro prize and a wildcard sport for best Irish surfer for the upcoming ASP 6-Star Relentless Boardmasters at Fistral Beach, Newquay 9-14 August.

The swell picked up late this afternoon opening a window for the qualifying heats and the final where Stokes proved his worth with some innovative aerial surfing to secure his winning spot.

“Its not a bad day’s work really” laughed Stokes on his win, “Stoked and really happy with the win. There were great waves in the end and it was good to have it on a wedge because it is high performance surfing and it all came good. It is my first trip to Bundoran, I love it and it is great. Guinness and waves I can do airs on is as good as it can get for me.”

“It got so much better that last heat that it felt like it was punchy and you could do loads of stuff so it was a good call by the local boys to run,” continued Stokes. “We were looking at it this morning saying ‘not again’ because we have been here for 3 days and looking out at the reef with no waves so it is sick to have waves here now.”

Cian Kilcullen (Easky, IRL) 25, also earned himself a wildcard position in the Relentless Boardmasters this August for Best Local Performance. Its been quite an experience for him, mixing it up with some of Europe’s finest aerial specialists.

“I am happy with the result even though it is kind of embarrassing with the English guys blowing us out of the water but it is really good to see that sort of surfing over here. I am happy so a good day.”

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