Alex Metric’s Open Your Eyes – the most exciting album this year


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Open Your Eyes – Alex Metric – Out August 1st

A mix of multiple genres blended with Alex Metric’s love of ’80s synth-pop, filter disco, big beats and indie, Open Your Eyes is a collection of tracks that have been destroying dance floors right across the globe.

Open Your Eyes is a perfect example of accomplished production, every layer of sound cuts though so clearly, perfectly balanced. At no point does the music become muddy, suffer from over production or too many ideas mashed together.

New sounds and inspiration are not lacking on this album, too often remixes are simply a selection of samples rearranged, here Alex Metric has developed his own sound whilst maintaining a firm grasp on the strength on the original track. Rather than bending it to his will and loosing what it was that made the original track great, he compliments it, building on the highs and filling in the lows.

“I have this love of ’80s synth funk, but also this epic, tears of MDMA joy sound”. Alex Metric.

A great example of this is his remix of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. To take on such an iconic and established song takes some confidence, the backlash for a poor remix would have been huge. No worries here though, his treatment of the track is respectful to the originality of the song and yet enhances it in a way that’s so unexpected and exciting. The same could be said for his treatment of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus.

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix) by alexmetric

Open Your Eyes is an awesome showcase of Alex Metic’s production and remix skills but it doesn’t stop there, he’s also thrown in some original tracks of his own, the title track ‘Open Your Eyes’, (with two different versions) and End Of The World, Featuring Charli XCX, Alex Metric “wrestled it off her”, it was originally intended for her own album.

Alex Metric sees this as a culmination of the last two years but also as a new beginning, he’s already working on his full artist album. With attention to detail and a perfectionist approach he binned the first version of his full album, sensing it wasn’t good enough.

“Because I put my heart and soul into my remixes, they haven’t dated. That’s really important to me, that they don’t date like a lot of dance music does.”

There isn’t a weak moment on Open Your Eyes, out on August the 1st, it’s an essential addition to any music catalogue.

Alex Metric is touring right now:

30/7/11 Global Gathering
5/8/11 Big Chill
6/8/11 The Arena, Middlesbrough
26/8/11 Belsonic 2011, Belfast
27/8/11 SIZE matters Arena @ Creamfields


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