Alpinestars Rayburn shoes review

Rogue Mag - Alpinestars Rayburn shoes review

Keeping right on trend with the booming cafe racer scene, Alpinestars have released the Rayburn shoes. Part of the Oscar line, the Alpinestars Rayburn boots are reminiscent of the original Oscar product line from the 1950s but with some modern safety features.

Rogue Mag - Alpinestars Rayburn shoes review

The soles are oil resistant, the toes have reinforcement and there is added armour and padding around the heel and ankle too. The added protection is welcome and the Rayburn shoes are rated as grade 2 according to Alpinestars own rating system meaning that offer better safety features than fashion footwear. They are CE certified too, which adds to your confidence. The trade off for the increased safety features is the weight, they feel bulkier than other similarly styled boots.

Rogue Mag - Alpinestars Rayburn shoes review

The cuffs have nice soft padding which feels good against your Achilles tendon but they are a little stiff overall. This means the boots are a little awkward to put on, but once they are on, they do feel comfortable. I’m sure the leather will get more supple over time as all leather boots do, so its a minor issue.

Rogue Mag - Alpinestars Rayburn shoes review

Luckily I haven’t had the pleasure of crash testing the Aplinestars Rayburn boots but I do feel confident that they will look after your feet better than a standard boot. The RRP is €189.95 / £169.99, a lot pricier than other boots, but you are paying for prestige, style and piece of mind.

I love the way they look, both on and off the bike. They fit in with the cafe racer scene perfectly, its nice to have a boot that you can wear off the bike and not look ridiculous. If you are looking for a new pair of biker boots and are conscious about style, you can’t go wrong with the Alpinestars Rayburn shoes.

Gillan Williams


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