Alpinestars Slipstream backpack


Rogue Mag Brands Alpinestars Slipstream backpack

Ok, it is officially winter and the start bad weather for months to come. Kinda depressing but fortunately Alpinestars have graced us with the Slipstream.

Its a waterproof backpack designed to take the worst kind of weather. I had a chance to take a look at this for myself and I was impressed. The outer is durable and 100% water proof and the zips are designed to keep the water out too. There’s minimal stitching to reduce leaking and the bags are really lightweight.

As a biker I was excited about this bag, too many times I’ve been caught out on a ride and the contents of your bag gets as wet as you do. There’s pockets for your laptop and gizmos inside to stop them flying around as you go for some toe-down action. The zips are tough and secure enough not to work their way open in the wind.

At £130 I think this is a top rate bag and well worth the money.



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