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There’s no doubting the intentions of Avery Watts. A dramatic intro building to ‘A Cut Above’ which speaks of being the best opens this optimistic album ‘The Takeover’, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. Its become de rigueur for a rock/metal album to be filled with notions of anger, angst, pathetic whining (you know who you are!) tales of endless parties and women of easy persuation. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got time for all that bar the angst and whining but is that all that can be sung about?

A lot of artists have become quite self depreciating, somehow unsatisfied with their lot. I’m all for honesty but to be honest its great to hear something positive for once. Avery Watts wrote, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and even mastered The Takeover. That alone is something to respect, but it also shows his lyrics aren’t empty and meaningless. He really is a cut above, there’s not many out there who can achieve this much on their own.

I would say a producer may have helped polish the mix. Its not that its a bad job, but it does feel like an unbiased opinion could have brought things up one more notch.

Its good to hear guitars dominating a rock album, this is music that could have been written anytime within the last 10 years, it doesn’t align to the current fads which might give it some longevity. I didn’t detect a single sample, and its all the better for it.

Highlights would have to be ‘Stand’, ‘A Cut Above’ and ‘Criminal.

This is high energy, feel good, flat out rock at its best. Avery delivers on all fronts. There are moments of greatness, riffs that get under your skin and stay with you. The music is aggressive, in your face and satisfying to hear.

The Takeover is available now on iTunes.

Keep an eye out for a UK tour summer 2012.

Twitter: @averywatts




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