Beneath The Beach – Ubiquitous Meter EP


Rogue Mag Music - Beneath The Beach - Ubiquitous Meter EP

Beneath the Beach release their EP Ubiquitous Meter on 26th November. It will be available to download from their website exclusively.

Beneath The Beach sounds very much like an electronica version of Masters In France. Deftly weaving vocal samples into indie guitar riffs, the Ubiquitour Meter ep is a great exmaple of geeks with instruments doing it well. With this in mind, its no surprise the famed scientist Brian Cox’s voice features in Second Circle.

Beneath the Beach are a Post-Dance-Math-Step band from West London, they use new compositional techniques in texture and rhythm. Aided with a loop pedal, the ensemble create overlapping guitar lines harmonically manipulated by the 30 to 200 Hz Bass Guitar range and backed with poly-rhythmic and linear drum patterns.


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