Bennetts leads campaign for bike-related questions in the driving test


Rogue Mag Motorsport - Bennetts leads the campaign for bike-related questions in the driving test

With over 1.3 million motorcycles on Britain’s roads, Bennetts, has launched a campaign to ensure bike-related questions are included in the driving test to help raise awareness of bikers on the road. Prospective drivers can currently pass the test without answering a single question relating to motorbikes and bikers. Shockingly despite accounting for just 1% of road traffic bikers fall victim to over 20% of all fatalities on the roads.

Open now for six months via the official government link,, motorcyclists and drivers alike can sign-up online.

Hannah Squirrell, Director of Marketing at Bennetts said, “With questions currently selected at random, there is no guarantee that a question relating to motorcyclists will arise in the current driving test format, so our petition is set to challenge that. With the casualty rate of motorcyclists currently a staggering 61 times greater than that of motorists something must be done to increase awareness of bikers on our roads.

The petition has been approved by the government and we need to get at least 100,000 signatures in order to have this raised in the House of Commons. Bikers are an important group of road users and it’s essential they are recognised within the driving test and if our target is achieved we will organise a fantastic ride-out to deliver our petition to the House of Commons.”

To find out more information about the Bennetts ‘Motorcyclists Matter’ campaign, and sign up, log onto


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