Billabong release their new boards for 2011

Rogue Mag Surf and Brands Billabong Speculoos

Hand shaped by Rob Vaughan

Rob’s been busy shaping hundreds of Billabong surfboards for both lucky customers and Billabong Team riders for years in his Hossegor shaping room. From retro fish to high performance thrusters the man handshapes it all with an unmatched quality and craftsmanship, all boards being glassed and sanded by individual craftmen as well. These are just examples of what Rob can do.


Rogue Mag Surf and Brands Billabong Fang Fin

Sizes : 5’6» to 6’6»

Fang fin was inspired by my hybrid single! Adapting this concept to a twin design. This board has a unique feel with incredible drive through turns. Comes with removable carbon fins made by Future.


Rogue Mag Surf and Brands Billabong Keel Fish

Sizes : 5’6» to 6’6»

Retro style outline full nose thin through tail with vee bottom+ contemporary keel fins, Future or fixed fins, lightweight sand finish or resin tint and polish.


Rogue Mag Surf and Brands Billabong Hybrid Single

Size: 6’0 – 6’5

Flat deck. Chimed rails. Vee bottom. Flex fin. Real cutbacks !


Size 6’0 – 6’5

This board is a mix of fish and shortboard. Wide point forward with shortboard rails. Picks up
waves like a fish, surfs from the tail and turns tight in the pocket !
Concave vee.


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