Billabong’s “Code Red” Documentary


Rogue Mag Surf and Video - Billabong's "Code Red" Documentary Premieres on Network A

“Code Red” documents the historic events of August 27, 2011, when the Billabong Pro Tahiti was called off due to surf in excess of 20 feet detonating on the shallow reef at the heaviest wave in the world: Teahupo’o (pronounced Choh-poh). Told through the eyes of relative new-comer Laurie Towner and the veteran Dylan Longbottom, the film details how they and a handful of the world’s best big-wave chargers eluded the government’s “Code Red” advisory to tackle some of the largest barreling waves ever surfed.

Watch the full movie here

“I don’t know if there will ever be a bigger swell than that swell at Tahiti…”
- Laurie Towner

“Not many people will experience what we have… to actually ride one and look out is another thing, money can’t pay for that experience.” 
- Dylan Longbottom


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