Block Head caffeine chewing gum review

Rogue Mag Reviews - Block Head caffeine chewing gum

I’m not one for gimmicks. Generally they’re a waste of time and money. This is what I had in mind when we received the Block Head caffeine chewing gum.

Each piece of gum contains 50mg of caffeine. Being a caffeine addict and having no idea how much a cup of coffee contains, I decided to chew on a couple of pieces, to be sure I’d feel an effect. Surely enough, I get a buzz like I’ve downed a can of energy drink. According to my girlfriend I was jabbering like a monkey too.

Heading out for a skate I did feel more awake than I had 30 mins before.

The concept is that you absorb the caffeine as you chew rather than having to digest it. I have no idea about the science of this but we’re told it works 5 times faster than energy drinks.

As with all caffeine products, you get a boost of energy and focus, I have no doubt about that. Will it give you the skating abilities of Bucky Lasek? No. will it help you get a session going? yes.

Gillan Williams


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