Relentless Boardmasters 2010


Ok, I’ve been to a few festivals now, I considered myself well rehearsed in what to expect, but Relentless Boardmasters 2010 was totally beyond my expectations, not only in regards to the music and sports, but also the party happening in and around the festival.

We rolled into Smugglers Haven campsite just outside Newquay.  The website tells you that its an 18 – 30 party campsite, they couldn’t have understated that more.  The site was insane at night, revelers going through to morning, consuming unbelievable amounts of alcohol in their wake.  One of our editors took full advantage of this, expect an interesting account of his weekend very soon…

It was much the same in Newquay itself, the atmosphere was great, full of people out to enjoy themselves, the bars and clubs full and open late into the night.

The actual festival itself happened over two sites, Fistral and Watergate Bay.  Fistral was home to the surf, skate and BMX comps and the beach sessions.  The main music attraction was at Watergate Bay, which is where I intended to be.  The scene down at Fistral was great, the only problem I could see was that the surf was breaking so far away from the shore that it made watching the  surf comps a little lifeless.

Watergate was pretty empty during the day but at night it was packed out.  Seasick Steve was outstanding, I’ve been a fan for a while, his live performance was so entertaining and at times moving.  I caught Chase & Staus live on the second night, seeing them for the second time this year.  They were on form, getting the crowd going, but it was the old dogs Leftfield that left everyone reeling.  It was by far the best live DJ set I’ve ever seen.

We’d arrived in Cornwall on Wednesday but to be honest, by Sunday I was ready to leave.  We’d made the most of the atmosphere and were all feeling it by then.  Relentless Boardmasters 2010 really left a strong impression on me and without a doubt, I’m going to return next year.

Gillan Williams

Coming soon, our surf editors account of the weekend…


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