Calvin Harris at the Eden Project


We headed down to Cornwall to the fabulous Eden Project to check out Calvin Harris, Annie Mac, Audio Bullys & Zero 7 (DJs) and hit the bar at lunch to grab  some grub and couple of warm up pints, then chipped over to campsite (shout out to Martin and Garth – top blokes who were very accepting of a loud raucous crowd and kindly called the ambulance @ 5am the next morning for some poor sod who thought he could fly – don’t ask!). Chilled out with a couple beers then got togged up in hot pants and bling then walked down to the Eden project – stunning venue, ever better with sun shinning and a cold pimms in your hand.

Tale of two parts – first up the live sets –  ‘Audio Bullys’ good set and mixture of drum and bass, Annie Max – it was ok, I was really psyched to see her but the set was rather tame and unimaginative.  Calvin Harris – AMAZING!  He dropped tune after tune, sound getting hard and bigger every track – I was broken by the end!

Second part to tale –  the crowd was lame and un-enthusicatic for Audio Bullys which was a shame as they did a reasonable set.  They warmed up a little for Annie Mac, however it went OFF for Calvin Harris and by the end it descended into a mosh pit – EXCELLENT!  The Eden Project kindly laid on free bus shuttles back to camp site – score.  Where the partying continued till early hours

Katie Bacon


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