Celtic Blue Rock festival cancelled


The Voluntary Management Committee of the Celtic Blue Rock Festival yesterday (Wednesday 23rd June) had to make the difficult decision to cancel this years event.  This decision was not made lightly and it was after long and careful consideration and much debate that this unfortunate conclusion was drawn.

The festival organisers have found themselves in the unenviable position of having their licenses revoked and whilst we were planning to appeal against this decision, unfortunately, the dates we were given for the appeal hearing were too close to the festival itself and therefore left little room for the planning and marketing of the event.

The decision was then made that a positive plan of action be implemented and this began with the withdrawing of the appeal and therefore, cancelling the event.

The festival has been a huge success over the years thanks to its 1,000’s of supporters and volunteers, and the Voluntary Management Committee felt very strongly that they didn’t want to compromise the integrity of these supporters and volunteers, or the integrity of the festival its self by risking a hurried event.

We feel that the spirit of the Blue Rock demands we only put on an event that is true to the beliefs of community, family and the environment and know it has a strong and valuable place in the summer calendar of many people in Pembrokeshire and the surrounding counties; and so it is with great regret that we have had to cancel this years event but…

This is only a year off!

The festival will be back next year on the wonderful and breathtaking site in Llanyernach and throughout the coming year the Blue Rock Committee are planning to build an event for next August that will be even bigger and better than previous years.

We are so sorry to disappoint our valued supporters and friends and we really couldn’t have held the amazing events of previous years without you and so would like to say a big THANKYOU for all your support.

If you have bought a ticket to this years event then we would like to offer you two tickets for next years event if you hang onto it until then.

Please visit our website for news of community events throughout the year and send us your pictures of your favourite Blue Rock Moments and we can put them up on the website for everyone to enjoy. www.celticbluerock.org

Please direct all enquiries to info@celticbluerock.org


  1. Bollocks!!!!!!

    I was really looking forward to this…..bloody Health & safety..Bloody Labour Government Nanny state!


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