Councillors vote unanimously in favour for pier at Doolin set to ruin Crab Island wave


Rogue Mag Surf and News Crab Island wave
Photo by Kevin Doyle

The 32 County Councillors of County Clare, Ireland have voted unanimously in favour for the proposed pier at Doolin.

This poses a real issue for local surfers and the surfing industry in Ireland. According to local surfers the proposed pier could ruin a classic wave at Crab Island on the west coast as well as forcing surfers to paddle around the pier causing a possible danger with ferries and strong currents.

Ireland is fast becoming recognized as one of the best surf locations in Europe. The industry has taken notice with Billabong sending Benjamin Sanchis and Éric Rebière to Mulaghmore and not to forget the Big Wave Tow In Surf Sessions. This kind of support is helping the growing surf industry, a welcome thing in these current times.

Rogue Mag News and Surf Crab Island Waves
Photo by Kevin Doyle

The Councellors have approved a large pier over a small design with the view to increase ferry services to the Aran Islands. It has been said that this might be down to a deadline for a €6 million grant from the EU. Despite the tight schedule, it seems a rush to hit the deadline has overshadowed a well considered plan.

The reaction to these plans is huge, with the likes of Sunny Garcia getting involved as well as a huge contingent of local surfers.

Thanks to Eoin McCarthy Deering for this video, its clear that this is an awesome wave that really need to be protected.


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