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Day Three in Domino Radio Week!
Tune in on 87.7fm and online at and for regular updates follow us at
Below is the schedule for the day ahead…

12pm – Jack Shankly – Liquid Lunch
Domino Radio’s desk-time daily new music digest with Jack Shankly. Featuring exclusive guest transmissions from the highest frequency by future pop luminaries including Ford & Lopatin, Fatima Al Qadiri, Sun Araw, How To Dress Well and Ducktails throughout the week of programming. Live guests include Daniel Blumberg of Yuck in session, hang time with Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out and more.

1pm – Devonte Hynes – Blood Orange/Lightspeed Champion
Devonté Hynes has produced a lot of music. Some for himself: Testicicles, Lightspeed Champion and some for others: Basement Jaxx, Florence & The Machine, Theophilus London, Solange Knowles, Cassie, Diana Vickers. Somewhere in between all of this, Blood Orange was created.
Hynes has been living in New York City for the past three years where he has been concentrating on writing and producing for other artists. He simultaneously worked on songs in his bedroom, compiling them onto mixtapes that he would listen to while traveling around the city at night, letting the city’s nocturnal ecosystem seep into the music in his headphones.

2pm – Jennifer Herrema – RTX – Party Jams 2
Jennifer Herrema is the queen of rock and roll. Since starting Royal Trux as a teenager she has looked the world straight betweenthe eyes. Burning up whatever comes her way she has walked down catwalks, hung up her work in art galleries, and interviewed John Lee Hooker and Keith Richards for magazines, and invented a look that is now considered de riguer.
Most of all she has made some of the wildest records, and played some of the craziest shows that the entertainment business has ever seen, and continues do so, four to the floor with her current band RTX.

2:30pm – Bobby Gillespie
In the controlled world of the music business where money rules and everybody loves a winner no matter how crap their music is it’s a very rare thing for anyone to have a vision beyond that and a feeling for art/artists and what can really be achieved through the medium of rock and roll. For me, amongst other things, Rock and Roll = freedom & imagination. It means trying things when maybe there’s a chance you’re gonna fall flat on your face and make a fool of yourself. It means sticking your neck out and taking a chance on something you believe in. I think starting your own radio station is a great idea; it’s a mission statement, a declaration of independence, a breakaway from the conformist garbage that passes for commercial radio pumping out mind- rot distraction 24/7. And most of all it should be F-U-N!! We need a place where underground sounds/ideas/opinions can be heard, somewhere where the play list isn’t dictated by big money but by how good the music is. So, it was a pleasure to be asked by the people at Domino Records to host my own radio show and to have the freedom to play exactly what i wanted on Domino Radio. I hope you have as much fun listening to the show as I had making it.

4pm – The Count and Sinden
Graeme (Sinden ) and Josh (Herve / The Count) delve into their record collections to share some of the music that have shaped them over the years. They’ll be taking us on a journey starting with the music they both grew up to and their first introductions to dance music, before moving on to some worldly beats and hidden gems from across all the genres as they play some of the pivotal tracks which have helped to shape both their individual music as well as their debut album as The Count & Sinden ‘Mega Mega Mega’. Finally they’ll be bringing us up to date with some of the music exciting them now & some possibly unexpected tunes that they choose to listen to when not trapsing across the world’s club circuit.

6pm – Ultra Culture
Ultra Culture is one of the UK’s most popular movie blogs, with a loyal following of troublingly sexy film fans. It was started in 2008 by Charlie Lyne and has since been labelled ‘funny’, ‘refreshing’ and ‘respected’ by proper broadsheet newspapers with offices and everything. Join Charlie on Domino Radio as he makes the difficult and almost certainly unwise transition into broadcasting

7pm – El Geoff & Passo
El Geoffo & Passo will be turning your heartbeat up. Word.

8pm – Rebellious Jukebox w/ Nathan

9pm – Invincible Walking with Kurt Lane
A show devoted exclusively to tunes for Invincible Walking. The songs that Sir Edmund Hillary blasted while climbing Everest, that Gandhi hummed on the walk to the sea, that Forrest Gump screamed whilst jogging across America and that YOU my friend can take solace in during late night power walks through sketchy environs the world over. Hard songs for hard walking during hard times.

10pm – Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thompson

11:30pm – Mouse On Mars – On Hair
mouse on mars have put together the hairiest tracks of the season, some longer and some shorter, to provide inspiring examples for a successful summer hairdo. andi toma, jan st. werner and guest presenter eric d clarke edited their selection with love and cut it according to the latest discosmetic trends. domomino radio’s exclusive hairwave transmissions feature shlomo, heralds of change, schlammpeitziger, samiyam, siriusmo, wevie stonder, nathan michel, the books, salva, jason forrest, luke vibert, noisemashinetapes, hudson mohawke, javelin, workshop, detroit grand pupahs, smith& hack, pavan, squire of gothos and many other electronic hairoes.


1am – Russell Waterman – Stoned Rock
“Discovering new music has been an unceasing passion for me. I’ve been buying records for 35 years now. Accumulating so much music sometimes seems indulgent so to have a chance to share with other people is always a pleasure. I’ve never really enjoyed the dynamic of playing out to a live audience and making mix tapes for friends can be a little sterile. But the idea of doing a radio show has always appealed so I’m grateful to Domino for the opportunity.
If you like your music heavy and a bit tripped out, and you can excuse my “amateur hour” delivery, then hopefully you’ll enjoy this selection of stoned rock and psych, some old, some new, spanning four continents.
Next time I’ll be playing only M.O.R. and power ballads”.
Russell Waterman works with his partners at their design company, Amos. Best known for producing collectible toy figures, Amos also produces many other products and publishes books, comic books and ‘zines. They often refer to contemporary music culture in their work and in 2010 they were invited to curate a music festival for All Tomorrow’s Parties.

2am – No Pain In Pop

3am – Yuck
Yuck are a four piece, who are sometimes a five piece. Daniel (vocals, guitar) and Max (guitar) are from London, Mariko (bass) is from Hiroshima and Jonny (drums) is from New Jersey. The part-time fifth member is Daniel’s sister Ilana who joins him for the harmonies on the album and occasionally live.
They self-produced and recorded their debut album at home, which was released in February on Fat Possum Records. Since then, Yuck have mainly been on tour. In May, they played sold out headline shows at New York’s Bowery Ballroom and the Scala in London, as well as making their debut TV appearance on Later with Jools Holland. This Summer, Yuck will be playing at festivals throughout Europe, including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Bestival and Primavera Sound.
Yuck have also started self-releasing their own 7” singles; their first being Get Away, and their second, a double A side of the songs Shook Down and Milkshake, which will be released in July.

4am – Malachai
When Domino first asked us to compile a radio show my initial thought was “ahh perfect” as to be fair my brain generally even at the best of times tends to function like one, static, interference, constant music and a generous amount of cheap advertising but it was both an interesting and rewarding exercise, Scott dug deep and pulled out some proper gems and we just let go and had a laff. radio’s a special part of both of our lives and played a huge role in our musical education so it was fun to send up the old format

5am – John Robb – Death To Trad Rock
In the mid eighties the british underground went noisy. Very noisy. A series of bands made shrapnel guitars, heavy bass, sharp and angular, surreal agit pop that was noisy enough to bring down a government. nearly. This is their story.

6am – The Rev presents TJ’s in Newport
Last year, in 2010, we lost Mr. John Sicolo owner of The Legendary TJ`s, a live music venue in Newport, south Wales. I had been a regular in the club since the late 70`s until it died with Johnny. I was fortunate to see some life affirming gigs there and my set is dedicated to this extraordinary man.
I’d considered my set list, which includes some of the bands I saw at TJ`s, but it wasn’t until I said the words out loud did the true impact of never seeing Johnny again hit home. The result is great music delivered with genuine emotion. Enjoy.
The Rev. Naughty Pencil


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