Emeli Sande releases a video for the debut single ‘Heaven’ out 15th August 2011


Rogue Mag Music Emeli Sandé heaven single
Emeli Sandé - Heaven single / Virgin

Virgin Records are proud to announce the highly anticipated debut single by Emeli Sandé entitled ‘Heaven’, released on August 15th. Not many people know it, but Emeli Sandé was behind some of the biggest tracks of 2010. Now she’s about to be the voice and song-writing talent in front of the freshest debut single of 2011. As someone who sweats the art of song writing as much as the singing, she knows it’s about being contemporary and timeless. ‘Heaven’ is both those things, a euphoric feel good summer track packed with lavish strings, bombastic horns and trip hop beats all combined with Emeli’s subtle yet soaring vocal.

‘I can still relate to a Joni song, even though it’s 25 years old’ says Sandé. ‘That’s the main and important thing to me. I’m not too bothered about my music fitting in to a particular category. There’s no point in limiting who you can reach. But I want to be respected.’



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