Follow Seb Toots at the Winter X Games with the ONeill Experience


Rogue Mag Snow - Follow Seb Toots at the Winter X Games with the ONeill Experience

O’Neill will bring fans up close and personal with leading team rider and Winter X Games 2012 star athlete, Sebastian Toutant (“Seb Toots”), later this month via “The O’Neill Experience.” Located at following the Canadian-born rider throughout his week at Winter X events, which takes place from January 26-29 in Aspen, Colorado.

“With The O’Neill Experience, we wanted to provide fans with the opportunity to see Winter X through the eyes of an elite athlete,” said O’Neill Snow’s Juliet Korver. “This four-day backstage pass will highlight Seb’s dedication to his sport and show what a day in his life during competition is like, while also showing that he’s like any other kid who loves to hang out and snowboard with his friends. The Experience will also provide Winter X fans with a window into the world of a snowboarder in a way they haven’t seen before.”

During Winter X Games, fans can take part in The O’Neill Experience by visiting O’Neill’s Facebook page for news, updates, and instant tagging of event photos. O’Neill will also be supporting Seb’s gold-medal campaign by distributing ‘Go Seb Go’ foam hands to fans throughout Aspen.

“The Winter X Games are always a fun time, so it will be cool for fans around the world to share in that experience with me,” said Toutant, who is the leading athlete in ESPN’s promotion of this year’s Games. “Hopefully I can give The O’Neill Experience a happy ending with some gold medal performances and other memorable moments!”

For more information about The O’Neill Experience, team riders, events and apparel, visit the O’Neill Facebook page and O’Neill Twitter page.


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