Freeze Festival 2010 kicks off the winter


We arrived in Battersey Park in the afternoon, it was grey, crowds were thin and the presence of a huge old power station, trains, planes and sirens gave this festival a very different atmosphere to your regular summer fest. No chilling in the sun and cooking in tents here.

Despite this off kilter start to the weekend – I’m not saying it was a bad start, just different to the norm – it started to kick off as the sun went down, the crowds started to arrive and the festival started to get going. We caught Jaguar Skills on the main stage ripping out some awesome beats and mixes, staying true to form. The snow ramp was massive, by far the biggest I’ve seen in this country. The riders were making the most of it, pulling off big airs, flips and the tricks you’d expect from world class athletes.

For me the highlight was the premier of ‘Deeper’, Jeremy Jones’ new snowboarding film. Jeremy truly has taken the sport to new places, pushing what’s possible on a board, the limits of human endurance (snowed in tents for 12 days waiting for a storm to pass on the mountain they’re going to ride) and the expectations of where the sport is going. It wasn’t about competing or pleasing crowds. I got the impression that the endeavor of getting to the impossible locations, out of the reach of helicopters and snow mobiles, was as much the driving force behind these trips as the payoff, the ride itself. We’ll be posting a video of the interview with Jeremy and some of the other riders before the film over the next couple of days.

Lets hope today is going to be as good as last night.


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