From Straight Lines to Triple Corks – Episode 1


Rogue Mag Snow - From Straight Lines to Triple Corks - Episode 1

Teaming up with Swatch, the World Snowboard Tour have opened their archives, dusted off their historical material and searched for some missing chapters. They asked for help from many partners worldwide for footage to fill any missing gaps, and with that they have produced something truly incredible. Their passion for the sport, combined with hard labour and hours spent in the editing room have resulted in a five webisodes series, of which we proudly present number one today.

“From Straight Lines to Triple Corks, the History of Competitive Snowboarding” is a remarkable piece, a part of that peculiar sub culture that snowboarding is. It takes us back through some glorious moments in the sport, narrated by the heroes, peeking behind the scenes. At the same time, they feel the series will inspire the viewer to go out and write another few chapters themselves.

In celebration of it all, the World Snowboard Tour has put its efforts in creating an interactive timeline, with the purpose to educate all enthusiasts on where it all began and how it’s still pumping.


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