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Rogue Mag Brands infinity pro ionic bands

I have to be honest, the first time I saw the Infinity Pro bands I wasn’t convinced. The idea that a rubber band can make any difference to anybody’s strength, balance, circulation, flexibility, sleep, vitaliy, mood, concentration, detoxitication and relaxation seemed rediculous.

Well, I’ve been proven wrong. For a start its more than a rubber band. the Infinity Pro also contains tourmaline, a semi precious, naturally occuring gemstone mixed within the band itself. Some big claims are made about tourmaline so I did some research to see if any of them are true, this is what I found: ‘It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function’. (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Japan. Int J. Biometeorol 1993 Sep; 37(3) 133-8). Can’t argue with that, and to be fair, I didn’t find anything refuting those claims.

Infinity Pro Wristbands - Improve Balance, Strength & Flexibility

I’ve been wearing the Infinity Pro for a week so see if it makes any difference. I can’t say I’ve seen an improvement in all the benefits listed, apparently you have to wear it for an extended period of time for that.

I did a workout mid week and found that I was lifting more weight for longer – awesome. Also, my balance and flexibility has improved too. I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement in my sleep and relaxation, we’ll see if that improves with time.

I’m normally a skeptic when it comes to things like this and I really didn’t expect to see any kind of improvement from wearing the Infinity Pro, but I genuinely did. I recommend anyone doing action sports to get one, just for the improvement in flexibility, strength and balance alone.

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Infinity Pro


  1. Ive seen a few of these bands around, some of the reported affect people get are interesting.

    Another band I saw was Ionic Balance Bands seem to be similar but I like the look of the Infinity more.

    If they help, then why not I guess.

  2. It’s interesting, there is evidence that in limited cases and via a compeltely different delivery method negative ions can have positive health effects.

    However, there is zero scientific evidence that wearing a tourmaline/silicone badn on your wrist has any effect. Sure there si anecdote from peope who have worn them (easily dicounted as placebo) but neither Infinity Pro or Ionic Balance or indeed ANY other manufacturer has ever bothered to actually test their product to see if ti gives the befnits they claim.

    Q-Ray and I-Renew claimed their bands gave benefits through negative ions, but when they were taken to court in the US had not got the evidence.

    Ionic Balnce when reported to the ASA for their claims have nto got the evidence, and whilst Infinity Pro post up articles that are NOT in any way tests to see if their PRODUCT actually gives any benefits they don’t have it either.

    It’s the new snake oil, sold with some convincing sounding studies whihc have nothing to do with mixing Tourmaline with Silicone and wearing it on your wrist. It is the equivalent of saying you can get your 5 a day by wearing a carrot bracelet. It is basically a way of targetting people with health concerns with a product htat has had zero test sto confirm tht it does a thing, but which can appear to produce results by placebo. This targeting using health claims is pplain wrong. Try askign Infinity Pro for the tests that show the band actually has the health benefits it has been sold for. But remember, scientific tests, not anecdote, and tests on the band itself. Frankly I htink the company are scum for claiming health benefits with out ever having actually tested the band itself.

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  4. you clowns are idiots first try getting a negitive ion meter you can b
    uy of ebay for 50 and use that to check the negitive ion out put
    if you dont alreay know the health benifits of negitive ions,?
    believe it or not your body is made of atoms and neg
    ions add an extra electron to your atoms in your body
    doing this provides a host of health benifits to your cells

  5. I brought a infinity band at a car boot sale as the guy who sold it had got one my plastic clasp n on the bracelet broke I sent a message to say this had happened and that my daughter had lost hers I was sent another one and this was broken I sent another message and was asked to send a photo which I could not do as I and my daughter are not good with a computer I then received a nasty email from a guy called Robbie calling me a liar and saying that I was trying to get a bracelet fraudently he was really nasty and called me a liar and a troll which iam not and then refused point blank to send another bracelet this guy has obviously not heard of customer service because even when you run a company like that you should not call people names like trolls or try to brand them liars iam really stressed and hurt by his comments I apologised but I guess I wont be getting one back for being called a liar and the stress the first band I had had a plastic clasp this was the first time I had heard of the company and thought they must be a great company but obviously not when iam called a liar and a troll this has caused me or for being called a troll how nasty and vindictive is he he obviously has no respect for women either by the way he spoke to me in the email and I wont be holding my breath for an apology either as I have apologised for being called a liar would not use this company again due to his rudeness I do not not expect to be called a troll or branded a liar as I genuinely purchased the first bracelet from now on iw ill be using another company and would recommend that if you use infinity or send an email hope you don’t get this guy as he is so rude and has no idea how to deal with customers by his rudeness and also how he speaks to a woman this guy has no respect and should not work in a company like this when he is sending nasty emails like I said I apologised but wont hold my breath as to getting an apology back and was in tears and very upset by his nastiness


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