Interview with flatland BMX rider Matti Hemmings

Rogue Mag BMX - Interview with flatland BMX rider Matti Hemmings

1. Have you ever raced an animal while on you’re bike? Yeah, I once raced a snail back home in Brecon at my flatland spot.

2. When did it become apparent that flatland BMX was for you, did you ride any other disciplines of BMX? I started off jumping around and came across Flatland BMX on Television then gave it ago. Loved it ever since.

3. Do you get, or have you got, with many chicks from riding BMX. Has a female ever ‘flashed’ you while out riding? No, never got with any chicks from Riding or been flashed if they have haven’t noticed been to focused on my riding.

4. What are the differences between your BMX and any other bikes? Differences between my BMX to any other is that for one its lite weight and runs a 120 PSI in both tires.

5. How quickly did you progress at riding flat land? Did it come naturally to you or was it hours and hours of practice? Or a bit of both? Its been a bit of both Flatland is one of the hardest disapling in BMX that’s why its so rare takes hours to learn tricks.

6. Tell us a crazy story. Now. I once ordered a Dominos pizza, it took 2 hours to arrive, so I decided to phone the driver and ask where he was? He’s reply was that I am lost and then my reply was don’t you have a sat nav. NO! I have a Nissan Micra.

Rogue Mag BMX - Interview with flatland BMX rider Matti Hemmings

7. As you may be aware a well known cyclist was banned form competitive cycling forever after he got caught running a drug shop in his garage. Drugs in BMX….what you’re take? Something I dont take much notice off or something I get involved with, just doesn’t show a good explan to the young people that look up to these riders.

8. Do you slam pretty hard riding flat land? Heaviest crash ever? No, I dont slam that hard in Flatland

9. Is there anything about the BMX scene that makes you’re blood boil? I try not to get involved with other people’s opinions’. I normal stay away from negative vibes towards other people views towards other riders or topics that are taking place.

Rogue Mag BMX - Interview with flatland BMX rider Matti Hemmings

10. What’s your day job? Do you have one? Yeah, my day job is BMX Flatland. Lucky enough to be able to ride full time and travel

11. Did you know Justin Timberlake can do downside tail whips to the pedals? It’s better than him singing!

12. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen while out riding? I see a lot funny stuff most of the time to many thing to mention


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