Interview with MC Messy


Interview with MC Messy

We have a great setting here at Beach Break Live, how did you find the performance?
It was amazing, it had been rainy all morning and seemed to brighten up 5 minutes before we stepped on stage. The crowd were mental, really responsive and sung back all the biggies. It seemed like a genuinely happy crowd and it was a massive pleasure to play for them… Big ups the Beach Break crew every time.

You started in pirate radio right?
I did… like most dnb mc’s on pirate radio. At the time, this was such a huge deal for me, and to be fair gave me so much practice. I lived 2 hours away from the studio and used to drive there. The whole way there and back i used to mc to myself in my car. So i basically gave myself 6 hours solid practice a week (it was a 2 hour show).

Now you’ve carved your own path, what would you say to others who want to follow your example?
Work hard, it’s as simple as that, and never give up. I’ve had so many knock backs over the years, and it’s easy to say f*%k it. But as long as you believe in yourself, then so will others. I’m a huge believer in positive thinking, and if you have a definitive goal, then think about it constantly, so that everything you do drives towards that goal. work on your craft, and be the best you can be. There is no quick fix, unfortunately.

Watch MC Messy perform with DJ Fresh playing Louder at the Hackney Weekend

You’ve performed with Fresh and Pendulum, which gig stands out the most for you?
DJ Fresh gigs are like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. The energy giving to the crowd and the energy they give back is genuinely unrivaled. playing to 30,000 people at Rockness when the sun came out for the first time that day is something i will always remember. I’ve felt like I’m part of the DJ Fresh live journey and I’m extremely proud to watch it blossom and get the reactions its getting.

Whats next for you?
I’m focusing on Fresh/live currently and want to see it through. I am also working on solo stuff which I’m hoping to unleash on you guys later in the year. it’s a taste of all the scenes I’ve dipped my toe in over the years… dnb, dubstep, breaks, hip-hop, indie… it will hopefully both shock and impress. Im just working as hard as i can, and hope it all pays off 🙂

If you could have things your way, where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Living on the moon.


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