Interview with Victor Gonzalez – NASCAR’s first Puerto Rican driver


Being the first Puerto Rican in NASCAR is quite an achievement, how tough was it to get there?
Well! there’s no words that I can use to explain! how tuff it is, remember as nobody have done it before me, didn’t have any connection in the Nascar world. I guess I need to prove something! I take the risk and didn’t care about the rejections, that’s how you make part of Hystory!

Would you say it was harder being Puerto Rican or do you think nationality is irrelevant in sports?
For sure! by me been a Puerto Rican and I didn’t have a big check book! I’m just a normal guy and a hard worker! and I don’t like BS!!

What sets NASCAR apart from other motor sports?
The marketing aspects! and the fans got great access to the teams, that’s why they are so loyal to the sport! they feel part of it.

Can we expect any changes to NASCAR in the near future?
Hope! they can see that the Hispanic Community is get in Bigger!! and we can bring more fans! That’s why I’m working so hard!

How different would you say you life is now you’ve made it to NASCAR?
Is the same!! I will not change and still got many things to do, until I don’t have a full year ride, I’m still a part timer.

With 30 wins to your name so far, do you have any further goals?
I have won in other classes, but I want to be full time in the Nascar Nationwide Series and then I will be really Happy!

Tell us more about what you do with Racing for Kids.
Last year I was involve with he Ricky Martin Foundation and I learn many of the problems in the world with Child Trafficking, is alarming!!

How did you get involved with Racing for Kids in the first place?
I worked with foster homes in Puerto Rico and took them to the Karting track and talking to them in working on their dreams and not to give up! So I use my sport as a tool to reach them and at the same time they gave a great time.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year?
I been in meetings constanly! traveling everywhere, learning the business side to get a good sponsor to realise my dream to be full time in the Nascar, Nationwide Series.

Thank you for your time Victor, good luck with your career!



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