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Rogue Mag Music - Johan Reinhold – Shoot Me Down EP Review

If you’re looking for something a lot less cheesy than ABBA and a lot more darker than The Cardigans, you need look no further than Sweden’s latest export in the form of Johan Reinold. 2012 sees Johan’s musical reinvention with his four track EP of Shoot Me down, which is his first release from full length debut effort Beautiful Loser. This EP sees the first single release remixed by 3 prolific producers (Owsey – who recently remixed Birdy’s version of Skinny Love; The Kill Van Kulls and FRNKNSTYN), and very alternative sounds are to be had by all, with Reinhold taking on a very eclectic approach to the original sound of Shoot Me Down.

Upon hearing the opening 20 seconds of 80s style rock guitar riffs on the original version of the track, followed by the deep and spine tingling vocals of Reinhold, which kind of echoes vocals similar to that of Phil Collins in his heyday, injected with a slab of Lenny Kravitz, it’s quite hard to believe that this rock classic style tune could be transformed into three completely different styles.

Owsey’s remix takes Reinhold’s vocals straight from the beginning and creates an almost haunting sound, which gradually develops into a hard and quick paced dance offering. The echoing of Reinhold’s vocals intertwined with fast beats and digital sounds and effects definitely makes it stand out as a somewhat completely different musical piece altogether; even after 7 minutes it works and doesn’t appear strung out, which can happen to the best of remixes.

The Kill Van Kulls definitely bring a more electric sound to their remix, which I found to be not too dissimilar to the works of Daft Punk. The track starts off quite light and almost innocent, if you can describe it as that, before reaching a funky electronic beat. Reinhold’s vocals are brought in just after a minute or so, which fits in stunningly to the feel and energy of this remix.

The last offering by FRNKNSTYN sees high energy rock beats from the offset, incorporated with fast techno beats, which I would almost describe as a high impact car chase with several twist and turns to get the heart rate up fast!

All in all, this EP has a lot to offer to music fans of all genre types. You could be into your indie or quite content with some soft rock classics, but there really is something for everyone when it comes to Johan Reinhold.

My-Yen Butler



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