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Kelly Slater – Greatest Athlete of All Time?

Rogue Mag Surf - Kelly Slater - Greatest Athlete of All Time?

Is Kelly Slater (USA), 40, the greatest athlete of all time? 49 elite ASP World Tour victories, 11 ASP World Titles, surely his competitive accomplishments go unmatched in the world of surfing, and when you stack Slater’s dominance up amongst the rest of sporting’s greats, the result is the same. Slater’s winning history over the last 20 years dwarfs the competition and Quiksilver recently broke down traditional sporting greats to put Slater up against the rest. What do you think? Do you think Kelly Slater’s the best the sporting world has ever seen? Check out the link below to see Quiksilver’s detailed comparison of Kelly’s accomplishments.

Check out Quiksilver’s Blog and see what they’re offering up.

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