Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 review


Rogue Mag Brands - Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 review


The Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 looks… okay. In all honesty I’m not that thrilled about the design. Maybe it’s the plastic body but it doesn’t give the impression of a quality product. Which is a shame because when you actually get hold of it you can feel that it’s well built. The metal grill, whilst being functional, looks dated, as does the red surround that goes around the grill. The truth is it wouldn’t look out of place lying next to an 80′s walkman, which might be your thing, we’re all for retro!



This is where I was pleasantly surprised. The sound quality is great, especially playing acoustic and rock music. Vocals come through beautifully and with great clarity, acoustic instruments equally so. However, play some dance music and metal and the Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 does show some weakness. The bass fidelity isn’t fantastic. Dance music looses its punch and metal tends to come out a little distorted.

When you crank the volume up to full there is some distortion but not anything like we expected.

Using the Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2, as a hands free kit was a joy, voices come through clearly and the mic works well.



The ability to control the tracks from the device was a nice addition. Its not 100% intuitive, sometimes the skip button repeated the current track rather than moving to the next.

The Bluetooth range is great; I got to the end of the garden with only a little break in the music.

I really liked the addition of an AUX input and a small jack lead that came with the unit. Not all music devices have Bluetooth so this was a thoughtful and useful addition.


Ease of Use

Connecting to the Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 was a breeze, couldn’t have been easier. Having volume buttons on the side was nice, it means you don’t have to fiddle with your music device to adjust it. I was impressed with how simple the unit is to use, the instructions booklet doesn’t really say a lot so I was dubious before fiddling with the device, it turns out once you’ve worked out how to connect it via Bluetooth you don’t need the booklet. I love that, intuitive design!


Value for money

At £31.99 I feel that the Logic 3 i-Station Bluetooth2 offers fantastic value for money. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be using this device outdoors, on the beach, at a festival, bbq, etc. It feels durable enough to deal with some punishment and yet is cheap enough that you’re quite happy to take it out. The sound quality, volume and hands free features are surprisingly good for the price.


Gillan Williams

You can find out more information on the Logic 3 i-StationBluetooth2 here.


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