Loverproof at Inamo St James? Must be City Showcase 2012


Rogue Mag festivals - City Showcase

As part of City Showcase 2012, Rogue Mag is partnering up with the festival to bring you even more music and hopefully some artists that’ll kick off some big careers. City Showcase is where the likes of Amy Winehouse and Newton Faulkner were discovered so we’ve got high expectiations for this year too.

Rogue Mag Festivals - Inamo St James

If you’re heading over make sure you check out Loverproof playing at Inamo St James on Sat the 13th at 5:30pm. A beautiful voice backed by beguiling sounds, they’re our bet for the ones to watch.

Not only will you get to listen to some fantastic music, you’ll also get to enjoy the atmosphere and amazing interactives table at Imano St James. Boasting its own bamboo forest, Japanese garden and water features, this really is a restaurant set apart from the rest. We can’t wait to get down there, maybe we’ll catch you there too. The food is amazing – they serve high-quality Oriental fusion food as is the beautiful red onyx topped bar sitting in the heart of the venue.

Rogue Mag Festivals - Inamo St James

For more info on City Showcase which runs from the 9th – 13th October in London, check out

To book at Inamo call: 020 7484 0500 or email:

4 – 12 Lower Regent St


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