Mindless Raider 34″ Complete Longboard ML2000 review

Rogue Mag reviews - Mindless Raider 34

Over the last couple of years we saw a resurgence of the ‘penny’ skate board. Not one to follow trends, I have to say I was never enamoured with the little board. As cool as they look, I just couldn’t get on with them.

Not so the case with the long board. There’s nothing quite like lazily cruising long on a well-balanced long board, pulling big carves, grabbing rails and hanging ten. In my head I’m gliding along Huntingdon Beach, soaking up the California sun.

If you want to skate but the prospect of broken bones, skate parks and nailing grinds don’t appeal, you really should get yourself a longboard. A great place to start is the Mindless Raider 34″ Complete Longboard ML2000. The deck is made of Canadian maple and Bamboo, nicely flexible and strong enough. if comes with a good set of bearings and wheels, from the start you’re ready to go!

Rogue Mag reviews - Mindless Raider 34" Complete Longboard ML2000 review

I liked the raised tail and curve of the board, perfect for pumping carves without feeling unstable. Another great feature is the ‘split’ grip tape on the top of the board exposing the wood of the deck giving the board a real retro feel.

If you are keen to buy one of your own, you can find a huge range of Mindless and many other Longboards at skates.co.uk

Happy cruising!

Gillan Williams


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