Mini Coyote V2 with Motorcycle accessories kit review


Rogue Mag Motorsport and Reviews Mini Coyote V2

If you’re riding a sports/super bike this summer and fancy keeping your license by not breaking the speed limit, you should take a look at the Mini Coyote V2.

Originally designed for cars, the makers have developed an accessory kit that lets you attach it to your handlebars or your arm if you like, the case is waterproof to keep the unit nice and dry should you hit a downpour. It also comes with some slim headphones that plug into the device and fit inside your helmet.

I’ve long wanted a device like this, its all to easy to get caught by the cameras when you’re focusing on the traffic and the road ahead. The confidence of avoiding a ticket was very welcome!

Setting up the unit couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do is turn it on an wait for it to locate the satellites. The cover attaches to your handlebars easily enough and holds it in place securely, no problems there. You don’t notice the headphones inside your helmet until they sound an alert, which is nice and clear.

Rogue Mag Motorsport and Reviews Mini Coyote V2

A great feature is the button you press if you encounter a mobile speed camera that isn’t yet registered on their system, aiding other drivers.

There was only a couple of criticisms that I’d give the Mini Coyote V2 – the screen is too small to focus on quickly and its a little fiddly to connect it up to the headphones every time you go out for a quick spin. The button to alert other users of the system about new speed cameras is too small to be pushed when its in the waterproof cover and whilst wearing gloves. I gave it a go in the car to get a more rounded sense of the device. I noticed that it hadn’t updated the new locations of the recently moved average speed zones on the M4 around Cardiff. The alerts could have been a little louder, Emma, who was in the car also noticed this saying “I thought it should have gone off like a screaming rape alarm”.

I’d say this device is well worth taking on a longer ride, or to use on roads you’re not familiar with.

For more information, check out or The Carphone Warehouse’s website


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