Monster brings the rock n roll to Le Mans


Rogue Mag Motorsport Monster Energy motogp

Saturday in Le Mans 2011 has officially gone down as the day that MotoGP was drenched in rock n’ roll. Over at the Monster Energy public hospitality the place was jammed to capacity all day with fans coming through to check out our signing sessions, catch the girls dancing in cages or round the hot tubs, pound a can and have their fix of the heaviest tunes they could handle.

Rogue Mag Motorsport Slash

Hooking up in there were Nate Adams and Edgar Torronteras – two of the biggest icons in FMX who sat side-by-side with our riders as they signed posters together and sampled the atmosphere. There was only one way the volume level was gonna go though when in strode Keith Flint and Slash. No introductions required. Not to be outgunned ET climbed onto the roof and pulled out the beat-box for the sea of fans waiting to come inside.

Rogue Mag Motorsport Keith Flint
Keith Flint

Hanging out together, the crew of bike fanatics and all out demigods in their chosen calling in life had the place bouncing in seconds as the sea of people inside and out of our hospitality tried to take in the roll call of legends in front of them. Nate Adams then went out to the start/finish straight to throw a bike upside down to the adoration of tens of thousands of screaming fans as the riders came out to support.

Monster Energy came to party this weekend and the hoards haven’t been disappointed. Stay tuned for how the racing lights the touch-paper for the culmination of this weekend’s entertainment when the likes of Rossi, Spies, Edwards, Crutchlow and Simoncelli all take to the track to lay it down for the Monster Army in front of almost 100,000 sets of bulging eyes.

Rogue Mag Motorsport le mans monster girlsRogue Mag Motorsport Nate Adams


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