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Rogue Mag Music - Motorhead - The World Is Ours Vol 2 review
Motorhead / Image by Ray Ahner

The World Is Ours Vol 2 Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else, out September 24th

The latest live album from Motorhead ‘The World Is Ours – Vol 2’ serves up the type of raucous Rock ‘n’ Roll you come to expect from the power trio of Lemmy Kilmister, Phillip Campbell and Mikkey Dee. The album is from three live sets from three different concerts, with the DVD offering the same track listing, but enabling you to see Lemmy and co in all their glory adding a different dimension to an already awesome live album. The DVD really demonstrates the sheer presence they have on stage and how effortlessly Lemmy commands his audience a trait all legendary rock bands possess.

The fact that Motorhead have been doing this for over 30 years is an achievement in itself, but to still be packing out arenas worldwide is inspirational. They have done this still staying true to their music and their beliefs. A lot of bands tend to change up their style in order to sell more or become bigger, the majority of the time being told to by their management or record label just so that targets are met. It’s a shame to see that the music industry is no longer just about music, just a corporate machine churning out the next generic band for people to obsess about for 15 minutes. There is no longevity any more and it’s highlighted by the lack of bands with any true staying power. Motorhead treat their music not as a job, but as a lifestyle and I think that’s where the difference lays.

Never have they strayed away from what they do best, playing Rock ‘n’ Roll as loud as they possibly can and not giving a shit who likes it or not. They may have been around for a while, but they could not be more relevant right now. Times of social unrest and financial hardship such as we are experiencing at present are normally accompanied by musical revolution, a way to vent anger and discontent. Unfortunately due to the tameness of the current crop of ‘rock’ bands (I use that term lightly) out there a musical revolution seems a little unlikely. Motorhead however are anything but tame, with ‘Jus ‘Cos You Got the Power’ being a fine example. Lemmy introduces it referring to politicians as ‘lying, thieving bastards, fucking up your life and stealing all your money’ never could a statement be truer and I couldn’t think of a better way to follow up this statement than with Lemmy’s defiant and guttural vocals to get this message across.

‘The World Is Ours’ is an outstanding album with unrelenting riffs and sheer tenacity. Hardened Motorhead fans will know what to expect from this, and for those of you out there who are yet to listen to a Motorhead album, this my friends is what real Rock ‘n’ Roll sounds like.

Sion Jones



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