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Mullaghmore, Ireland Feb 1st and 2nd – watch the clip now!

Rogue Mag Surf - Mullaghmore, Ireland Feb 1st and 2nd - watch the clip now!

It’s been the craziest winter in a very long time in terms of huge swells battling the West coast of Europe.

This week-end saw another round of giant waves hitting Mullaghmore and Benjamin “Sancho” Sanchis was there with the Billabong Adventure Division to meet with Cain Kilkullen and the usual suspects of the spot, Paul O’kane being their “captain”.

The first day was the biggest and meanest of the week-end, 40 to 50 feet faces, snow, rain, crazy strong winds – what you would expect from Ireland’s weather in the middle of the winter. Locals were charging and calling it the best day of the winter, Sancho was the stand out surfer catching wave after wave and surfing them with style and precision.

The second day was smaller but with unusual blue skies and nice wind, despite being smaller it was a radical session due to the extreme low tide.

It was a fantastic two days on the Emerald Isle, with amazing surfing and super good vibes.

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