Nail a backside 360 with tutorial from Snowboard Addiction


With Winter looming just around the corner i’m sure plenty of people will be dreading the freezing weather and nosebleed temperatures! However, for the lucky minority who thrive under these conditions; why not get your snowboards (or skis!) on in style and check some of these tutorials out!?

From my own experience, there are no better instructive videos out there when it comes to snowboarding than Snowboard Addiction’s. They give you sound advice on a lot of basic, intermediate and advanced tricks in both goofy and regular. They provide long videos to cover every aspect of your technique when it comes to stomping tricks!
Even though they have pretty much everything you need to know about learning freestyle boarding on their youtube channel, they also offer a wide range of DVDs to help you out even further which are very affordable. You can find these DVDs on their website which is

Here’s a ten minute video to give you a taster of what they’re about. In this tutorial Nev Lapwood will be teaching you how to land a smooth backside 360. I’d strongly suggest watching this video even if you already have the trick nailed as the advice is precise and extremely useful for fine tuning.

Harry Hopkins


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