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Rogue Mag Reviews - NeuroSonic

There’s a whole load of energy and stimulant drinks out there, but as anyone who regularly drinks them can tell you, they have their drawbacks. You might get the energy and stimulation but one too many and you’re in for some caffeine shakes and sugar lows.

Enter NeuroDrinks and one of their four new drinks, the NeuroSonic – an energy drink we’re told is “scientifically formulated for high-octane living, where it’s vital for the brain to function at its best.”

The technical info that says it’s designed to replenish the body during and after exercise with a combination of 12 minerals and 5 electrolytes. The five key electrolytes of potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride are in each bottle. Most sports drinks contain only 2 — sodium and potassium — not enough to keep the body properly hydrated apparently. It’s scientifically proven that magnesium, calcium, and chloride significantly contribute to effective rehydration during exercise. NeuroSport also has good-for-you minerals such as chromium, copper, manganese, molybdenum and selenium, which are depleted during rigorous workouts. The idea is that quickly restoring these minerals helps improve endurance and increase fitness levels.

Does it work? I’m no triathlete but I try my best so I took the NeuroSport drink to the gym to test it’s claims. Now I have no idea what half of these ingredients do exactly, but I can say its tastes good. I drank half the bottle during and half after. I can say for sure that I felt a rise in energy levels, so far, so good.

I was expecting an energy crash or the shakes after about half an hour which I tend to get with other energy drinks but it didn’t arrive. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I did more reps or lifted anything heavier than usual but I did maintain some alertness and found the cardio work less tiring. I also found the recovery time afterwards was reduced.

I’d say that the idea kind of sport for this drink would be mountain biking, bmx, vert skate, sports where you’re burning a lot of energy and need to keep as focused as possible.

NeuroDrinks have also released three other drinks.

  • NeuroSport to help you rehydrate after exercise, it worked for me.
  • NeuroTrim to help with weight loss, I couldn’t say if it helped after one drink, but it’s the best tasting of the four.
  • There’s also the NeuroBliss, a de-stress, mood enhancing drink.

For more information, go to the NeuroDrinks website


  1. Tried the dark blue one (Sport) after my gym session the other day- great sports drink. Packed with electrolytes and only 37calories!! Its wicked!!

  2. This stuff is awesome. I was amazed at how it made me feel NORMAL again..playing softball after drinking this stuff.. was bliss because of the shocking mental and physical energy it provided for me. I felt 18 again playing shortstop and ripping line drives like the old days.. I am hooked.. and with being 57 yrs old in less than a month, I really need this to keep up with the twenty somethings on my team.

  3. i have had the red one(sonic) and i feel so high in energy:o! its amazing i acc dident like it at first but now i am hooked:D! i looooovvvvvvveeeeeeee it<3!!

  4. Drove from U.S to Canada. I was driving and on my feet the whole day. Got up after a bad night’s sleep, finished 5 driver endorsement tests. Fought with wife all day. This is all in the same day!!! Finally, as I am approaching the Canadian border to get back home, absolutely dead tired!!! I see this gas station in the middle of nowhere in NY. Got the red neuro sonic, drank it…and baaam!!! felt like a new man..I even slept better, and dream’t. Hell, even woke up feeling better next day. This is amazing breakthrough, I am a MD, thank’s sonic guys, hey if you ever need some help in the lab, I would love to join the team.


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