ONeill mens winter gear



With a team as diverse, talented and eclectic as Team O’Neill taking influence from this was always going to provide a bit of a blend – hence the theme of ‘Blender’ for High Winter 2010/11. It is about taking different elements from all over and making it into one cohesive unit. It is like taking the talents of the French character of Julian Haricot and combining it with the competitive prowess of Seb Toutant, and adding to that the legendary freeriding skills of Jeremy Jones and bringing it into one group – Team O’Neill. That is Blender.

One of the ways to interpret Blender in this theme was to take classic and much loved patterns or styles and blend it together with on-trend O’Neill style. Within the snow styles this has been done in the Blended Jacket by working with classical design lines and colour blocking.


Following the resounding success of collection 105, the O’Neill accessories collection is back with a bang this season, armed with a fresh new product line. Compact in size, the new accessories line goes large on coordination. The result is a really well balanced line in which proven favorites jostle for attention alongside a number of brand new styles.

A really great example is the Zebra group, which includes a selection of different styles from beanies and scarves to wallets and belts. These are all fab new styles matching the wider apparel collection.

All of the clothing feature and more can be purchased on the official O’Neill online store.


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