Presenting the Quiksilver Boardriders week!


Rogue Mag Surf boardriders week
Quiksilver Boardriders Week

How about this – you and the Quicksilver, Roxy, DC and Moskova team riders at the world’s best beachbreaks! Here is a surf experience you really aren’t going to find anywhere else!

Rogue Mag Surf landes TESTEMALE

Based in Hossegor (Landes, France) heart of European surfing, the Quiksilver Group opens its doors this June to its first European sport centre : The ‘Boardriders House’. This unique complex in the heart of 10,000 m2 of pine forest will be home to privileged students during the weekly courses run between June and September: the ‘Boardriders week’.


This is a new breed of surf camp, where students can learn or perfect their surfing alongside experienced surf teachers and pro surfers from teams Quiksilver, Roxy, DC and Moskova on some of the best beachbreaks in the world. The schedules and booking forms for each rider week are now available at

Rogue Mag Surf landes TESTEMALE

“I’m really exited to be part of this new project and to share my passion for the ocean with the students of the Boardriders Week” Jérémy Florès

The students are housed in a epic ‘Landais’ style villa, styled by Quiksilver’s creative team. The living space is unique, user friendly and bathed in surf culture. The house has a dining room, lounge, games room (table tennis, football, billiard) and Internet. The ‘Boardriders House’ also offers volleyball and beach soccer.

When you are not in the water, the programme includes full immersion into surf culture, combining a chance to check out behind the scenes at our surfboard factory, a visit to Quiksilver’s Head Office, skate lessons, stand up paddle sessions and open air concerts.


Quality Coaching in an authentic atmosphere – is there a better place to take your surfing? This true surfing experience is open to under 18’s in July and August and to over 18’s in June and September.

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