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Rogue Mag Surf - Reef End surf competition

On 11th and 12th January 2011, the annual Reef End Surf Competition took place in Hikkaduwa. On the first day of the event Reef End Team Members battled it out, each contender looking to prove themselves as the best surfer the surf school, this was followed by the female competition and a long board exhibition. On the second day, 40 surfers competed in the open event; a competition open to both international and local surfers. Both days kicked off early, the wind stayed calm so the smaller waves maintained their shape, allowing a spectacular display of surfing from all competitors in the 2ft glassy waves.

Pradeep (Podi Kalu) Kumara of Narigama demonstrated exceptional skills on the waves which won him first place in both the Reef End team competition and the open. Nadeen Sampath came in second place in the open and third place went to Dilip Kumara. Dimal (Sudu) Tharanga, the reigning champion took second place in the Reef End club competition and third place went to Harisha (Bunty) Kumara. Mambo’s Longboard team won the title for the best Longboard Demonstration and Carol Dimuro from France came first in the Female Competition.

The annual surf competition was started in 2009 by PKB Saman (Ari), Managing Director of Reef End Surf School with event organisors Walter Pocetti and Sally Brownbill of Potato Riders. Ari said ‘The Reef End surf competition has been a success for three years thanks to the sponsorship and support of local businesses, A frame Surf Shop, Top Secret, Coral Sands Hotel, Spaghetti and Co, Harbour Restaurant, Lanka Surf Trips and international support from, Tea Drop, and Double-V creations. It is our aim to continue this surf competition in future years which will support local business by promoting Hikkaduwa as a top surf destination. We also want to support the local surf industry and encourage local surfers with the potential to enter the world professional circuit’.

Reef End Surf School also provide one of the most important services on Hikkaduwa Beach. The surf team monitor the waters of Narigama for dangerous currents to protect holiday makers from unsafe conditions. The Reef End team are regularly in the water conducting rescue operations and in recent years have performed over 200 sea rescues. The Lifeguard rescue is solely reliant on donations for equipment, training and salaries for these exceptional young men who risk their own lives each time they enter the water to save another.

Reef End Surf School are already making plans for the 2012 Competition, which they hope will be even bigger and more successful than this year. For more information about Reef End Surf School go to or contact

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