Relentless NASS announce new street course and Mike Vallely confirmed to compete!


Rogue Mag Festivals and Skate Relentless NASS 2011 Street Course
Relentless NASS 2011 Street Course

Year on year Relentless Energy Drink NASS re-designs its ever evolving street course to keep up to date with the changing styles of riding in all three sports. This is no easy feat but 2011 looks to eclipse all other years with:

  • The largest and most technical course to date
  • The addition of a big screen showing live scores, replays and slo-mos
  • All new entrance gate

As if that’s not enough, Mike Vallely is confirmed to attend this year along with Austen Seaholm, Rodolfo Ramos and Portugese young gun Thaynan Costa.

Rogue Mag Festivals and Skate Relentless NASS Mike Vallely
Mike Vallely

At 41, Mike V will re-enter the world of competitive skateboarding this summer with scheduled appearances at contests in Italy, England and Prague.

As a street skater, Mike’s re-entry into the competitive arena at his age is unprecedented. Says Mike V:

“Competitive skateboarding, although never my forte or where I chose to put the emphasis in my career, has been something I actually have always valued. I think my stance on contests has been misinterpreted through the years as I’ve purposely moved away from them, though as a skater who still strives to push himself, I see the competitive arena as a place where I would like to return again for myself individually and also where I feel I can once again add something to the story and where I feel I can still contribute. With that being said, I’m really looking forward to getting overseas and making the rounds again, it’s been a long time.”

In BMX NASS legend Mark Webb defends his titles against competitors Harry Main, Ben Wallace, Ben Snowden and Alex Coleborne.

Tickets and more information avaliable from the Official NASS Website


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