Rise with Fallen: Jamie Thomas and The US Fallen Team hit the UK


Rogue Mag Skate Fallen Footwear

Having inspired an entire movement in skateboarding the legendary Jamie Thomas and the US Fallen skate team are hitting the UK this weekend for an exclusive demo and signing as riders including Anthony Shultz, Garrett Hill, Tommy Sandoval, Tom Asta, Jon Dickson, Jack Curtin, and Dane Burman begin the Fallen European Tour.

Rogue Mag Skate Fallen Footwear

The two day event will kick-off in the South West on Saturday as the Fallen team head to Cornwall’s Mount Hawke Skate Park for a skate demo following an opportunity to meet the riders and bag some signed merchandise and Fallen giveaways at the Fallen in-store signings at both SJ’s Skate Shop,Truro and at Flavour Skate Shop, Newquay. The Fallen after party then opens at Newquay’s, Chy Bar on Saturday night before the weekend rounds-up on Sunday with a currently undisclosed demo – the location to be announced at Mount Hawke Skate Park on Saturday.

Event Schedule:

Saturday 14th May:
11am-12 noon – SJ’s skate shop, Truro and Flavour skate shop, Newquay: in-store signings
2pm – Mount Hawke skatepark, Cornwall: Fallen demo and product giveaways
9pm – Chy Bar, Newquay, Cornwall: Fallen After Party

Sunday 15th May:
To Be Announced at Saturday’s demo

For a preview of what to expect watch Fallen Footwear’s 10 Tricks with Jamie Thomas and join the team, bag some signed merchandised and see the action up close this weekend.

Fallen Footwear’s 10 Tricks with Jamie Thomas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K-OFR03lj8&feature=player_embedded

Rogue Mag Skate Jamie Thomas - Fallen
Jamie Thomas - Fallen

Rogue Mag Skate and Brands Fallen Footwear SS11

Rogue Mag Skate and Brands Fallen Footwear SS11

Rogue Mag Skate and Brands Fallen Footwear SS11
Forte JT signature model


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