Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head album review (its not pretty)


Rogue Mag Music - Rob Zombie releases remix album 'Mondo Sex Head'

This album really isn’t what I expected. When I think of Rob Zombie I’m taken to a place where hard rock, techno and metal combine with the horrors of your imagination. Dancing corpses, zombie brides and vice on tap.

So I’m left wondering what the hell happened? The first track ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65 (JDevil Number Of The Beast Remix)’ is okay, but nothing special and definitely nothing exciting. I’m anticipating the remix of classic Living Dead Girl by Photek with excitement, finally something thats actually going to ROCK, get me excited. Pure disappointment. The track has been tamed beyond all belief, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it in a chill out room at an Ibiza club.

This pretty much continues throughout the entire album. Seminal tracks ruined by the most boring remixes. You have no idea how much I’m hating writing this review, I love Rob Zombie and to slate his work feels like a terrible thing to do, but I can’t lie to you guys, this is one of the biggest let downs I’ve ever heard. Saying that, I’m not sure I can say its Rob Zombie’s work. The remixes aren’t his own. In their original form these are fantastic songs.

Rogue Mag Music - Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head album review (its not pretty)

Its not that I resent a club remix of a rock/metal track, far from it. There’s no reason why Rock and Dubstep can’t come together for example. A blending of music genres is a good thing, purity ruins and stagnates music. But the end result should actually be good! All the pace has dropped out, the tracks lack build up, the bass lines are uninspiring. Its not just the form thats lacking, the production on some of these tracks is terrible.

I’m trying to find a good thing to say about this album but honestly I’m sat here bored and a little bummed out. One good thing that might come of this mess is it might inspire new fans to buy his older material and be rocked the fuck to hell. Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe this is a showcase of where things are going and I’m one of the few who wish is wasn’t so. Either way, this is my own opinion and honestly, I’m never going to listen to this album again.

Then again I could be wrong. Don’t just take my word for it, I’m sure someone must like this. you can download one of the tracks here: (of course, you have to find the 13 zombie cats first)

Mondo Sex Head is out on August 6, 2012 via Spinefarm Records.

Gillan Williams


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