Search for the perfect rip with Animal Clothing

Rogue Mag Brands - Search for the perfect rip with Animal Clothing

If your favourite hobby is searching for the perfect rip at the beaches of the world then chances are you already know a thing or two about surfing gear and lifestyle clothing but if you are relatively new to the surf or just love the look of the designs and fashionable styles then one brand to start with is Animal.

It all started simply as a way for two surfer friends to have a watch strap that wouldn’t break or end up unusable after being in salt water; no one made one suitable so they set to and created the original Animal watch. More and more fellow surfers wanted their innovation and before long they were a sought after surf brand and eventually began making all kinds of clothing, footwear and accessories that performed as surfers needed with designs and prints that echoed the surf lifestyle. Today they are a global name and make their products for everyone who wants it while keeping surfer fashion at the core.

Animal clothing is certainly designed to last; they’re not a brand whose products will fall apart after a few washes and they are very versatile so you can wear them at a number times rather than just surfing. If your style is casual then Animal is perfect with their collections of t-shirts, hoodies, pants and shorts made for comfortable living, soft yet durable fabrics and prints normally showing a variation on the Animal logo making them really stylish. Sometimes you have to go a little smarter so they also make shirts, polo’s and pants as well as lovely dresses and skirts for the occasion and when it gets colder you can throw on any number of jackets, beanies and thicker tops from their extensive range. As you would expect Animal also produce beachwear like bikinis, swimming costumes and shorts perfectly designed with surfers in mind so you get the performance you need while also having sublime surfer fashion you love.

Another great thing about Animal clothing is that they know that the surfer lifestyle doesn’t stop at the beach so you can enjoy Animal loungewear, underwear and even clothing accessories like belts and wallets and not forgetting the watches collection that started the whole brand on their incredible journey allowing you to enjoy the quality and experience of Animal wherever you are at any time of the day.


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