Shades of Winter – Trailer

Rogue Mag Snow - Rogue Mag Snow - Shades of Winter - Trailer

When filming their adrenalin-fuelled adventures, skiers and snowboarders invite us into their world: one of crystal-white powder, cloudless blue skies and towering, snow-capped peaks. It’s an intoxicating and inspiring thing to see unmistakeable excitement and passion for their sport reflected in the eyes of some of the most talented adventurers in the world today. These courageous men and women are pushing themselves to the limits of their endurance in the name of adventure, fun and personal fulfillment. Motivational words about living life to the full may be encouraging to some, but these guys’ actions speak louder than any words could.

Take the female stars of the freeski movie Shades Of Winter, which premiered in Montreal in September last year. These women are pioneers of the female freestyle movement and are inspiring skiers across the globe to push their skiing progression to the next level. Movies and videos are the perfect vehicle to gain visibility and exposure for freestyle tricks and skills, with creative filming enhancing any reputation already gained through skiing competitions. Shades of Winter is just one example of how skiers and snowboarders can creatively express their passion to a worldwide audience. The film shows many aspects of the sport of female freeskiing, from fluffy backcountry powder in the Far East to carving out big mountain lines in the wilds of Alaska: the female stars of the film simply shine through the screen with their enthusiasm and determination.

Rogue Mag Snow - Rogue Mag Snow - Shades of Winter - Trailer

Whether their experience is a far cry from your own and offers you escape into a different world, or if you’re already a keen skier looking for motivation and inspiration, enjoying the journey alongside these courageous adventurers and nothing less than a privilege.

Rogue Mag Snow - Rogue Mag Snow - Shades of Winter - Trailer


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