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Rogue Mag Brands Novik Gloves

Novik Gloves are blasting onto the UK scene in 2011 with the introduction of their gloves and a fresh collection of apparel. Noviks products focus on design yet provides a product superior in quality and fit while trying to eliminate the boundaries that exist when co-ordinating gloves with a jersey and pants combination. Gloves are often over-looked in the gear department, but actually form one of the most important pieces of gear. Now, you can have fashion and function with the new line of Novik gloves. Novik Gloves are perfect for mountain bike, BMX and Motocross!

There are 3 main styles available:

Rogue Mag Brands Novik Gloves Thats Cool


The ‘That’s Cool’ glove is designed as a light-weight, slim-feel glove that meets the standards of riders preferring a high level of grip-feel, without compensating on durability or palm protection. Incorporating a single-layer synthetic-palm, along with bold art-driven designs, the gloves really stand out from the rest.

Rogue Mag Brands Novik Gloves Cimestopper

CRIMESTOPPER – The ‘Crimestopper’ glove is designed with a few more technical features than the TC line. It incorporates a light padding to the palm area, along with a Velcro wrist enclosure, and knuckle reliefs.

Rogue Mag Brands Novik Gloves Shanghai

SHANGHAI – The ‘Shanghai’ glove is designed to maintain that light feel on the bike, yet provide some upper-hand protection against rocks and roost. It incorporates a Velcro wrist enclosure, and pull-tab, TPR upper-hand protection, single layer synthetic palm. Somewhat of a collaborate between the Crimestopper and That’s Cool lines.

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