Sons and Daughters follow up Optimo with a 12″ remix


Rogue Mag Music - Sons and Daughters follow up Optimo with a 12" remix

Sons And Daughters follow up their Silver Spell / Optimo remix package with a second 12” released on February 20th.

This time round they focus on Orion, taken from their latest album Mirror Mirror, which was afforded universal critical acclaim on release last year and described by Q as “a creative rebirth”.

Sons & Daughters – Orion Remixes by DominoRecordCo

The 12” features 3 mixes kicking off with the Emperor Machine Remix, the solo project of Andy Meecham from Chicken Lips. Next up psychedelic occultist Umberto giving it some strange brew with his mix, and wrapping up the package are Glaswegian Djs Wrong Island with their own particular take on the track.

Pre order the 12” here…


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