StooShe’s single ‘Betty Woz Gone’ out today


Rogue Mag Music - StooShe

Online sensation StooShe’s single ‘Betty Woz Gone’ is available to buy today.

From the streets of London, StooShe have broken into the R&B scene with their fresh and unique sound. Based on a true story, ‘Betty Woz Gone’ is about a mum who’s more interested in drugs and doing whatever she can to get them than caring for her own children. StooShe don’t hold back with their lyrics and its refreshing to hear women singing with such honesty and in a style generally dominated by men.

Alex Buggs, Courtney Rumbold and Karis Anderson make up StooShe with their big and mischievous personalities. Driving in the face of stereotypes, StooShe have made their own sound and distinctive mark in the UK music scene.


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