Surfers Against Sewage Launches Free Broad Bench Petition


Rogue Mag Surf - Surfers Against Sewage Launches Free Broad Bench Petition

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is calling on the surfing community to help increase sustainable, public access to the waves at Broad Bench, Kimmeridge, Dorset.

SAS is today launching a new petition – – calling on the Secretary of State for Defence, Phillip Hammond MP, to review the current restrictions which see the area and wave, known as Broad Bench, to be off limits for the majority of the year. SAS is encouraging local surfers and other recreational water users, along with the wider public, to sign the petition and share it with as many friends as possible.

The Free Broad Bench petition calls on the Ministry of Defence to review the current situation at the AFV Gunnery School, Lulworth Camp, Dorset where existing restrictions severely limit public access to one of the UK’s best recreational waves.

The Ministry of Defence has refused to meet with SAS to discuss improving public access to the area despite the latest requests to do so.

The wave, known as Broad Bench, is situated just within the firing range’s restricted outer limits. SAS believes there is a compromise that will allow full public access to Broad Bench whilst maintaining full use of the site for military exercises.

The unique coastal morphology and environment create surfing waves which are a jewel in the crown of British surfing, providing significant social, sporting, cultural and economic benefits for the local and wider communities. SAS are also fully supporting Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) proposed for the area as these aim to restrict exploitation such as development, drilling, fishing and mining extraction rather than exclude sustainable public access. These MCZ’s will help prevent irreversible change occurring to our precious coastline.

For more information and to sign the petition please visit


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