The Domino Spotify App is now live!


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Domino is proud to present a new window into its world, an App integrated into Spotify that is now live and ready to explore. Click on the link below to open up the App and make sure to add us to your sidebar:

For nearly twenty years we have made it up as we go along, our only objective to bring you records by artists who can’t do anything else but make extraordinary music; we represent creativity by any means necessary and forget about the consequences. This free App is your guide to the world of Domino living right on your desktop inside Spotify.

Our catalogue is rich with two decades of independent releases; here you’ll find exclusive recordings, one-off collaborations, carefully chosen playlists and unique features and commentary from our friends, neighbours and accomplices.

Most of all you’ll find incredible, life-changing music.

This App is made up of the following key features to improve your daily listening experience. We don’t care about genres, stats or phone-in votes, we do however guarantee total music satisfaction.

Featured is a curated mix of new Domino releases, artist playlists, the best mixes from Domino Radio and the hidden gems and old jams from our catalogue.

Artists leads the listener into the world of Domino artists, from current bands like Arctic Monkeys, Animal Collective, Franz Ferdinand, Dirty Projectors, Austra and Real Estate to classic artists like Pavement, Hood, Adem, The Feelies, Steve Reid and The Triffids.

Music introduces our listeners to the best of the label’s catalogue via full album streams, the best new releases and custom catalogue exclusives. Our catalogue consists of hundreds of releases and thousands of songs. You need to listen to them all.

Playlists bring to light our label and artist-created playlists and tangential musical odysseys. Drawing on the success of our Best Of Indie playlist and Domino Radio, we’ll continue to create comprehensive and precision-picked playlists that incorporate our songs and the wider world of great music that Spotify has to offer.

This Week In…:
This Week In… takes the listener on a weekly journey through Domino’s history. Each week we’ll highlight a different week in the label’s history, with custom playlists and editorial context. This Week In… will give the listener musical insight into the influences, beloved tracks and secret pleasures of the artists we’ve been fortunate enough to work with.

The Domino Spotify App is your aural haven in a world of musical mediocrity.


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