The Endless Winter with Cushe After Ride Boots


Rogue Mag Surf and Brands - The Endless Winter and After Ride Boots

Over the past few months Cushe Footwear ambassador Mitch Corbett has been off on a road-trip around the UK, heading up a fascinating documentary project alongside fellow pro-surfer Mark ‘Egor’ Harris entitled The Endless Winter.

The pair have been meeting the legends and pioneers of the British surf scene to trace the history of the sport through our much maligned weather conditions, and the movie trailer jam-packed with vintage surf footage and stories of wooly jumpers worn under old wetsuits has just been released. So Cushe talked to Mitch about surviving the British Winter and the release of Cushe’s new After Ride Boot, designed to keep feet warm, dry and Cushe in the depths of our seemingly endless Winter.

Rogue Mag Surf and Brands - The Endless Winter map

What will you be packing and taking with you on your winter travels?
First up Clothing! From huge warm hoodies, the most waterproof garments you can find and most essentially you need some very comfy waterproof Cushe After Ride boots! For the water I will be taking the heated rash vest which Quiksilver make, plenty of Sex Wax as there are no surf shops up in Scotland and wax can never be more needed than in freezing waters.

Other essentials include my Ipod, as in those very dreary wet days some upbeat tunes can really help lighten the mood and keep the searching going! Vitamins, as you are in such extreme conditions the immune system needs topping up all day everyday! Finally a flask, they are always very handy! The more warm water to make tea the better.

What’s your Winter essential item?
A good wetsuit is without doubt the most essential item for me. Without one, surfing in the depths of winter can be a very uninspiring pleasure.

Rogue Mag Brands and Surf - The Endless Winter with Cushe After Ride Boots

Exactly as the name suggests, these cosy shearling lined waterproof boots are designed for post-sport feet but unlike their sheepskin counterparts the boots feature waterproof seam sealed construction, performance suede and a moulded VibramĀ® rubber outsole and tread that’s more akin to a sturdy hiking boots. Teaming comfort from the moulded EVA with memory foam foot cushioning and shearling warmth with technical feature make Cushe’s After Ride a truly versatile Outdoor footwear choice for Winter.


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