This Is Why We Wear Helmets!


Rogue Mag Blogs - Becky Hammond - This Is Why We Wear Helmets!

I’m currently in Breckenridge, Colorado training halfpipe with Team GB. We headed up the mountain at usual time, on the 8.54 bus. The weather wasn’t great, quite overcast and snowy. I thought I could try a few new things in pipe, nothing big just spinning the opposite way, and not going far up the halfpipe wall. I wanted to still have a productive day, even though I couldn’t see much in pipe.

After a few warm up runs down the piste I headed to the pipe and did my first run of straight airs, getting the feel of the pipe for the day. I had to really feel the pipe with my feet, it was quite deceiving where on the wall I was due to low light conditions.

On my second run I thought I would give opposite ally 3s a go and ride up the other wall switch, on every hit of the pipe. Perfect, that was easy I thought, I’ll keep doing this today. Then on my third run, on my second hit I landed on my feet and got the rotation, but bounced when I landed and fell to the bottom of the pipe on my head. I hit my head pretty hard, I didn’t knock myself out, but thought ‘ouch’. I also put my pole in my face and had a small cut above my lip.

Rogue Mag Blogs - Becky Hammond - This Is Why We Wear Helmets!
Becky's helmet!

I gathered myself together and skied to the bottom of the pipe where my team mate was waiting for me. He asked if I was ok, I said I felt really dizzy and that I’d skip the next run.

I went inside the restaurant to gather myself together and took my helmet off to ease my head. My helmet fell to pieces at the back and I thought, “Wow, I did hit my head hard!” I knew I hit my head but I never expected my helmet to look how it did!

I decided that I should finish for the day and head home. One of my team mates came back with me.

I felt pretty dizzy, spaced out and had a headache for 2 days after. I’m so thankful I had my helmet on, it really saved my head!

Becky Hammond, Cushe Team Rider

Rogue Mag Blogs - Becky Hammond - This Is Why We Wear Helmets!
Becky Hammond / Image by Chris Constantine


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